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Project Description

Jawhar Hostels

6 Schools​, 13 kWp

Dhadgaon Primary Health Centers

11 PHCs , 42 kWp

Garhi Government Schools and Hostels

38 Institutes, 39 kWp

NCL Innovation Park

Venture Center, 55 kWp

Grid Tied Systems

5 systems

Nirmal Milk Products Association

Khawa Cluster, Bhoom, 500 kWp
Electrified Schools
Electrified Public Health Centers
Biogas Cooking Projects


  • Improve access to facilities like computer labs.
  • Improve classroom conditions for healthier studying environment.
  • Enrich educational experience by creating provisions for amenities like projectors, computers and digital learning schemes.
  • Better support for administrative and teaching processes.
  • Improve safety and hygiene in hostels.
  • Enable storage of vaccinations.
  • Help power critical medical equipment.
  • Ensure that medical procedures can be undertaken without any hindrances at night time as well.
  • Better conditions for medical staff.
  • Allow institutions procuring LPG at commercial rates to save money by installing a biogas cooking project which can start providing savings within four years.
  • Enable replacement of firewood in schools for mid-day meals to improve air quality and reduce the time taken for preparing meals.