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Gram Oorja provides sustainable and community
driven energy solutions in remote regions
to fulfill electricity, cooking fuel and water needs.

After reaching thousands of villages since 2008 and understanding
their energy needs, we have now touched over
150,000 lives with more than 710 community level projects.


Solar Micro Grids
Solar Water Pumps
Biogas Based Cooking Projects
Institution Level Energy Systems

These solutions emerged out of an innovative approach to addressing grass-root problems. They result in better living standards through impact on education, health, environment, livelihood generation, women empowerment, communication and entertainment.



Energy is only an enabler. We measure impact in terms of improvement in an individual’s daily life across social, economic and environmental dimensions.


We have largely followed a community driven approach, designing systems keeping productive aspirations in mind and ensuring long term economic and environmental sustainability




I do not have to run around frantically looking for things around the house with a kerosene lamp. My house is more organized and clean.I do tailoring for the people in the village and I get more time to do this after my house work; even into the night. The 24 hour supply from the micro-grid keeps me at peace.

Laxmi Dhemtu Gowde, Viral, Joida, Karnataka

My wife and I now have secondary incomes from the flour mill I operate and the shop she runs. The shop was always there, but it is now open after sunset. Many of the people here who come back late from their farms, have a chance to buy basic essentials. We do not need to travel long distances for using a mill anymore.

Motilal Dhandekar, Khokmar, Melghat, Maharashtra

As a private social enterprise the organization emphasizes establishing a strong public-private- non-profit partnership for a cluster of villages. This, together with grass roots ownership and engagement of the villagers, in my view, has become instrumental in ensuring long term sustainability of their solutions and the positive impact thereof. I wish Gram Oorja the best as they scale their solutions to hundreds and thousands of remote villages.

Aparna Katre, Assistant Professor of Cultural Entrepreneurship Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures / University of Minnesota Duluth, USA